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Publishing: "Unstuck"

I've published another short story, "Unstuck," over at Smashwords.

I did this cover all by my lonesome again, though I suppose I could thank Philadelphia Weekly, since it was their crossword puzzle that I photographed with my cellphone to make the cover image.

This is another of my conversation-stories, . It runs a little more than three times longer than "After/Thought" (now just at Smashwords) at 4,698 words, and it's one of the few fully executed attempts I ever made at time-travel fiction. That particular branch of science-fiction has fasincated me ever since I saw the original Back to the Future on VHS and it's sequels at the now-defunct Blair Mill Mall movie theater. This is also another of my infamous conversation-stories, but I think that works to the advantage of this story, and so I've never felt compelled to significantly rewrite it. That said, it also occasionally strays off onto cerebral, often pretentious tangents. Feel free to skip any arcane bits of dialogue, because they're probably not crucial to the plot. And no: that doesn't bother me as a writer.

"Unstuck" is only available at Smashwords now that "Coming Home" has been published. And as of October 24th, the story is approved for inclusion in the Smashwords Premium Catalog, meaning that it will automatically be distributed to major online retailers including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Borders Australia and Angus & Robertson Australia, Whitcoulls, the Diesel eBook Store, and eBooks Eros.

In other news: "Dawn" was approved for inclusion in the Smashwords Premium Catalogue on October 7th. Also: I got word back that "Finnegan's First Time," while not ready in its current iteration, is one of fifteen stories that will be considered for one of nine remaining spots in the Kindle All-Stars Presents: Resistance Front collection, pending revision. I really want one of those spots. So I'll be taking a hard look at that story in the next week and a half with an eye toward redrafting it significantly, to the point that I may lift out the protagonist and his ability and some of the ideas and move them into a new story altogether. I may even give that new story a new name, because the nonce word "Anywhen" popped into my head during my morning commute a couple of days ago and refuses to leave.

And finally: I've gone and set up my own little personal bookstore over at Angelfire.
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