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The Moral Revolution
Tyler Durden called my generation "the middle-children of history," and claimed that "our great war is a spiritual war."

Our great war is a spiritual war, but it is not a battle for one's own soul. It is a battle for the soul of a nation that was founded on a shockingly simple premise: that all people are equal. That we all are endowed with certain inalienable rights. That among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is a battle against those who threaten to destroy the American premise with the disease of their own bigotries. It is a battle against those who seek to deny the freedoms of our fellow American citizens, who seek to define our fellow human beings as unworthy of the same happinesses and the same liberties that are ours by our very nature as self-aware creatures. It is a battle against those who devalue the lives of our fellow countrymen.

It is a battle against ideological terrorists. And it is a civil war.

Because the greatest threat to the American premise comes not from beyond our borders, but from self-righteous false prophets who walk among us. It comes from those who, under the cover of theology, have hijacked morality and twisted it to suit their own perverted ends. It comes from those who call themselves "Christians" while defying the shockingly simple teachings of the man called Jesus: loving your neighbor as yourself, and doing unto others only as you would have them do unto you.

These false Christians have waged war on American principles for too long, shrouding their own hatred and prejudices in a veil of artificial piety. For too long these false Christians have erroneously invoked the name of Jesus while ignoring his messages in an effort to deny the freedoms of American citizens. For too long, these false Christians have gone unchallenged by those too timid to offend the religious sensibilities of a self-proclaimed moral majority.

I challenge them. I reject their corrupt doctrines, and their sanctimonious proclamations. I reject the fraudulent and unethical notions that they dare to call "morality." I reject their vile attitude that America belongs to them alone, and the contemptible idea that those with contrary opinions are merely tolerated by this collective of false Christians. I reject their perversion of Christianity, as should anyone who understands the teachings of the man called Jesus. I reject their attempt to reshape a religion to suit their own personal beliefs in order reshape a nation into their own twisted image. And I refuse to tolerate their bigotry.

True students of the man called Jesus share my outrage. It is the name and message of their savior and teacher, after all, that are being twisted distorted by these false Christians. The policies of persecution and inequality are not Christlike values, they are not American values, and they are not moral values. And the time has come to reclaim morality from the false Christians of this nation who have taken it hostage. I love the American premise too deeply and truly, and those who disagree with the shockingly simple tenets of equality and liberty of my nation are encouraged to leave it.

Those false Christians who promote an agenda of discrimination have no place here. Their personal beliefs are at variance with the spirit of the American premise. It is not for them to reshape this nation in order to make it conform to their un-American, un-Christian views. Those who endorse intolerance and inequity dream of a country entirely unlike America, and it is not for them to destroy the country that our forefathers created, or to replace it with one fashioned in their own twisted image. Because as the Republican politician Abraham Lincoln wrote in 1859, "those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it."

Those false Christian who seek to deny my fellow American citizens their basic freedoms have continued down their destructive path for far too long. And if there is one concept that believers in the American premise will never, ever abandon, it is freedom. Our forefathers fought a revolution to defend the self-evident truth that all people are equal. Our nation was born in gunpowder and blood. In the words of a modern American patriot and freethinker, "this is a country of revolutionaries."

So let the moral revolution begin.